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Create your success & lifestyle

This is your life waiting to be hand designed by you.
Your time is right now, follow your passion.
You have my support.

create your success & lifestyle

If you´re interested in achieving your financial freedom
and laying the foundation for an amazing future,
by being allowed to focus on yourself, your passion,
by being free and following your own path and by being able to stay true to yourself.

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Elisabeth Mayerhofer

To live my life the way I want to, not being forced into something by others, being independent
and having enough money available to do the things I love and want to do,
has been a dream since my teenage years awoken into reality at the age of 33.

I am living in financial freedom and by freely scheduling my time.

I am working with fascinating people around the world,
supporting them to create their own successful business and lifestyle
empowering them to live their life the way they want to,
because I am certain people should be allowed to be visionaries
and should unconditionally live their dreams.

I have the freedom to make time for things I love.

I started this journey at the age of 31,
being a happily married mum of two wonderful girls
being told that my vision of being a financially independent business woman,
having time for my family would be impossible.

I have been able to travel, explore and experience the world with my husband and our children.
I have been able to make amazing memories with incredible friends and spend a lot of time with those who mean the most to me.
I have seen my two girls growing up given rare opportunities and been able to support them whenever they needed it.
I am able to provide a financially stable future for my family.

I became the business woman I wanted to be
by running my business no matter where I am in the world and
having my company hit more than € 2 million volume of sales each year.

This is just the beginning.

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